Pizza to the Polls

The Challenge

Strategically scale Pizza to the Polls’ operations to deliver food safely to a growing number of polling places with long lines.

The Impact

Impactual designed and helped implement Pizza to the Polls’ Democracy Is Delicious food truck program, which sent 289 branded food trucks to polling locations with long lines all over the country. Through strategic partner engagement, talent outreach, PR planning, and infrastructure building, the team significantly raised the overall profile of the organization and multiplied its impact in the 2020 election.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Design
  • Program Impact Evaluation
  • Branding, Logos, and Web Design
  • Project Management
  • Partnership Recruitment and Management
  • Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Talent and Media Relations
  • Consumer and Audience Research
pizzas/snacks delivered to polling places
new Instagram followers and 8,200 new Twitter follower
raised from online donations
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COVID-19 posed great risks to Pizza to the Polls’ on-demand pizza delivery model; yet, the organization knew it had to do something, as long lines at polling places abounded throughout the primary season. Impactual was asked to identify what the organization could do at scale to carry out its mission to deliver free food for all to polling places with long lines.

After leading a series of strategic planning meetings, Impactual helped bring the “Democracy Is Delicious” food truck program to life. In partnership with UberEats, Milkbar, Levi’s, Shake Shack, JUST Water, and many more, Pizza to the Polls was able to safely deliver food to jurisdictions with expected lines using properly-staffed, PPE-equipped branded food trucks.

With an initial program framework approved, Impactual drafted the necessary decks, plans, and budgets to align and recruit stakeholders. And to increase the efficacy and bandwidth of Pizza to the Polls’ volunteer-led organization, Impactual advised on ways to strengthen its operations from budget and financial management to communications and corporate partnership engagement.

Impactual also helped Pizza to the Polls connect with dozens of state-based civic engagement organizations to make them aware of the program, while the efforts were simultaneously garnering national attention. The program generated over 100 media pieces [TIME, Fox News, Thrillist], secured over 40 celebrity endorsements [Lady Gaga, Tracee Ellis Ross], and exponentially increased social media engagements.

Pizza to the Polls ultimately delivered 1,400,000 snacks to people waiting in line at 3,265 polling locations nationwide throughout early voting and on Election Day, filling a crucial gap in the 2020 election landscape and positioning itself as a leader in the space for years to come.

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