The Challenge

Empower the next generation to become active and engaged citizens by helping launch an in-app initiative to help young people run for local office.

The Impact

Snapchat's Run for Office Mini has been used by over 4 million people and Snapchat has connected 25,000 Snapchatters with candidate recruitment and training organizations.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Design
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Competitive Landscape Research
  • Program Impact Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Partnership Recruitment and Management
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Impactual helped Snapchat design and launch its Run for Office Mini, an in-app tool to help Snapchatters engage with democracy in an easy, mobile way. Powered with information from BallotReady, this simple tool helps Snapchatters explore hundreds of opportunities to run for local office based on the issues they care most about — from City Neighborhood Board and Township Council to School Board and State Representative.

The Run for Office Mini features a centralized portal with over 75,000 upcoming elections on the federal, state and local level that Snapchatters may be eligible for that can be filtered by issue. It also directly connects Snapchtters with experienced candidate recruitment organizations and training programs across the political spectrum; allows Snapchatters to nominate friends to run for office; and has a personalized campaign hub to help Snapchatters navigate the first steps they need to take to get on the ballot, including filing deadlines and signature requirements, as well as contact information for local election offices.

Snap’s Run for Office Mini has helped widen the funnel of recruitment efforts and offered millions of young Americans the opportunity to take their civic engagement to the next level. We’re so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with Impactual by our side - their unique expertise spanning the political, tech, and entertainment industries was integral to the success of this campaign.

- Sofia Gross

Impactual conducted a landscape analysis to understand: a) the research available on barriers to running for office as a young person, b) which nonprofits are addressing this problem and supporting diverse candidates across the political spectrum, and c) how a platform like Snapchat – that reaches 90% of Americans between the ages of 13 to 24 – can effectively remove barriers to information and increase awareness about the opportunities to run for local office and make a difference in your local community.

Our team then played a key role in the strategic planning, building, and implementation of the Run for Office Mini. We vetted and introduced 10 key nonprofit candidate recruitment and training organizations that were ultimately selected to partner on the Mini program, helped the BallotReady and the Snap teams design and test the Mini and its backend data, supported the communications team in launch strategy, and produced a central partner toolkit that was used for all Snap and partner promotions of the Mini launch. The Impactual team ultimately introduced the Run for Office Mini to over 300 philanthropists and partners in the political, tech, and entertainment sectors, helping amplify the tool as well as Snap’s role as a corporate civic engagement leader.

With Impactual’s partnership and support, Snap was able to take its civic work to the next level in the public eye while reducing the barriers to running for office for young Americans.

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