National Voter Registration Day

The Challenge

Take a young civic holiday to the next level for the 2016 election.

The Impact

New corporate partnerships, a bigger budget, and buzz in the media.


  • Partnership Recruitment and Management
  • Communications Strategy
  • Event Design
  • Presentations
  • Program Impact Evaluation
voters registered
partners recruited
sponsors secured
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For the fifth annual National Voter Registration Day, the founders wanted to go bigger than ever: more partners, more events, more publicity, and more registrations. That required more money and even stronger plans than previous years. In an election year where polarization hit all-time highs, Impactual reframed the pitch, built a new deck for National Voter Registration Day, and coached the outreach team to better engage corporate partners. We provided introductions to CSR teams, developed new activations by some of America’s largest and farthest-reaching brands, and oversaw event production that secured National Voter Registration Day’s place in America’s civic imagination.

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, National Voter Registration Day kicked off with a nationally broadcast panel hosted at Twitter’s DC headquarters, featuring speakers including reporters Wesley Lowery and Michelle Jaconi and political consultant Mindy Finn. The day wrapped up at Wanderlust LA where organizers and influencers celebrated the reports coming in from across the country with Magic Giant. When the dust settled, partners reported a combined 771,321 voters registered—more than all previous years combined.

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