Marijuana Matters

The Challenge

Create a cohesive brand that appropriately represents the mission of ending marijuana prohibition while expanding the social equity framework of the cannabis ecosystem.

The Impact

A new website that allows Marijuana Matters to communicate its mission, share educational information, and coordinate its coalition’s efforts to remove barriers in the cannabis markets for those who have been disadvantaged by marjiuana’s criminalization.


  • Branding Identity and Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Project Management
increase in social media engagement
collaborations with leading cannabis and social equity influencers
published think pieces on social equity and inclusion
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Marijuana Matters is a registered nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of individuals and communities negatively impacted by the war on drugs policies of the last 50 years. Through advocacy, entrepreneurship, and education, Marijuana Matters identifies and eliminates barriers to economic opportunity in regulated cannabis markets for those who have been disadvantaged by marijuana’s criminalization.

Impactual worked with Marijuana Matters to develop a reputable brand identity. Although focused on one specific aspect of the marijuana ecosystem, Marijuana Matters works with a wide array of industry leaders, companies, and groups to achieve its goal of social equity in cannabis. This meant the organization needed both a professional and approachable brand in order to foster trust, assurance, and progress. Our goal was to create a unique identity that reimagined the typical way that businesses and society view cannabis and cannabis consumers.

We collaborated directly with Marijuana Matters’ founder Khadijah Tribble to create a holistic brand identity that spoke to her mission: repair what’s been dismantled, restore what’s been destroyed, and reclaim what’s been displaced. Bold but friendly typography was paired with a simple, memorable logo and energetic but pensive color palette. The result was a thoughtful brand identity and website design professional enough to be shared with stakeholders and policy makers, yet vibrant enough to shine on social media.

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{title} in action