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What National Voter Registration Day is All About

In an article for Forbes, Impactual LLCPartner, Matt Singer, who founded National Voter Registration Day, writes:

Every election, we hear the same complaints: voter turnout is depressingly low, there are too many uninformed voters, the lines are too long, and the candidates are disappointing.

But here’s the good news — as we celebrate another National Voter Registration Day this year, we are just starting to see the payoff of the many efforts from incredible young leaders who have committed themselves to upgrading America’s civic life.

And thank heavens for that. Our system definitely needs an upgrade.

When I founded National Voter Registration Day, I did so because six million eligible voters missed the 2008 election because they didn’t know how to register or they missed a deadline. Our registration rates are low because our country — uniquely among all the advanced democracies in the world — historically has placed the burden on individuals to register to vote. Most other democracies place that obligation on the government, who is responsible for keeping an accurate list of eligible voters.

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