Who We Are

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.



Founder and Chief Strategist

Ashley Spillane is a social impact strategist whose expertise bridges the political, technology and entertainment industries. She has over a decade of experience developing and implementing organizational and campaign strategies that drive measurable impact. As the head of organizations like Rock the Vote, The Atlas Project, and democratic GAIN, she forged large-scale cause marketing partnerships with companies including iHeartRadio, Microsoft, Verizon, USAToday, Twitter, and Tinder. Ashley lives in Washington, DC, doing her part to help small groups of thoughtful, committed individuals change the world.



Matt Singer is an organizer, entrepreneur, and three-time college dropout. He founded National Voter Registration Day and the Alliance for Youth Action, a nonprofit that works to build local youth power all over the country. As the founder of National Voter Registration Day, Matt built and managed a coalition of over 3,000 nonprofit organizations, businesses, and election administrators. The event repeatedly trended on social media; engaged Democrats and Republicans; and appeared on many of the largest media and technology platforms on the planet: MTV, Google, Reddit, and Tumblr. Through the Alliance for Youth Action (previously the Bus Federation) and its affiliates, Matt supported local organizing that passed the nation's first automatic voter registration law and secured a number of other major policy wins while developing new leaders. He currently consults for a number of projects at the intersection of philanthropy, organizing, and voting rights.


The Brand Expert

Ellie is a New York City-based Art Director that has been working in advertising since 2010. She has a background in developing killer logos and brand elements for everything from start-ups to global corporate clients. Ellie prides herself in meaningful typography, clean layouts, and an intentional use of color. Accessible design is what really makes her tick, so you can count on her to geek out on the smallest details when creating your well-rounded brand experience. When she's not working, she's elbow deep throwing clay, cooking up everything she can dream of, and soaking the world in through her camera lens.



Scott is a creator of technology for startups, nonprofits, doctors, candidates, organizers, scientist, and most other folks. From helping young voters understand their ballot to visualizing gene expression for doctors and patients - Scott builds technology which simplifies decisions in a complicate world. He lives in Portland, OR and likes mountains quite a bit.


Digital Art Director

Michael is a graphic designer by trade, specializing in UI/UX, print, digital, web, and app design. Michael’s design and web development portfolio is extensive, having worked at McCarthy, Mambro and Bertino as a digital art director for clients such as Ocean State Job Lot, Carrabbas, Subway Restaurants, Gulf States Toyota, and more. After several years in Boston advertising, Michael joined The Boston Globe as the first social media designer for the historic institution. He’s the Lead Designer for MOTU, Inc. an audio technology company where he specializes in UI/UX design, marketing and web design. In his free time, you can catch Michael in Boston or on Cape Cod behind a keyboard, guitar or camera.