Strategies and Tools for Social Impact

We deliver high quality work product, with a fresh perspective and love working with organizations, brands and individuals who have both purpose and drive to do good in this world. Our focus is on supporting.

Causes & Nonprofits | Companies | Philanthropic Leaders

We work with nonprofits to bring awareness to important issues and causes through public awareness campaigns, high impact events, as well as electoral and legislative action.

We work with ethical and impact-focused brands to maximize their social impact investments.

We work with foundations and individuals who want to support meaningful causes and ideas.

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Strategy Development

We work with our clients to identify their key goals and objectives and use those insights to develop strategic organizational and marketing campaigns to best achieve their goals.

- Develop budget
- Establish message framework
- Identify target audience
- Propose execution timeline
- Measure and analyze results in real-time
- Optimize and improve the message, tactics and strategy.

Fundraising Support

We devise comprehensive fundraising strategies tailored to fit your organization’s needs, including national major gifts, direct mail, telemarketing and digital tactics.

- Strategy development
- Production of materials
- Creation of briefings and follow-up documents
- Half-day client training

Philanthropy + Political Advising

We help individuals, corporations and foundations create and execute plans to effectively champion meaningful causes and ideas.

- Strategy development with clear program objectives
- Comprehensive assessment of potential investments
- Program proposal evaluations
- Research and metric design
- Program oversight

Influencer Engagement

We develop strategies to get your work integrated into the work and lifestyles of cultural influencers to reach a broader audience.

- Identify celebrities aligned with clients’ causes and brands
- Develop influencer strategy
- Make introductions to secure influencers

Branding + Digital Tools

We come up with innovative ways to tell your story and align that with a creative look and feel for your online and offline presence.

- Branding / Rebranding / Logo Design
- Social media graphic production
- Responsive website design and build
- Mobile UI/UX design and build

And More…

We work with some of the best people in their respective fields who are happy to provide services through your engagement with Impactual including:

- Public Relations
- Event planning
- Media production (TV, web, radio)
- Survey research


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